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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Come Join USM-KLE!!

So I've heard...
Admission to usm-kle is now open?!! yeah baby!
This means that juniors are coming and we are gonna be seniors!

So what??!!

Sorry. Donkey-Over reacted... Well, Lets show you what its like in Usm-kle.

We are based in JNMC campus(medical campus) which is under Karnataka Lingayat Education. Lingayat according to some of my local friends are one of the top 'kast' in this region. So imagine the facilities here.

This International Medical Programme are pioneer and are said to be the 1st malaysian university that is presented by Board of Directors of International Association of Universities. It started to open admissions to malaysians last year and currently there are about 127 malaysian students here in belgaum, Karnataka India.

The best part about studying here is that they provide the the best facilities and the teaching are based on Usm syllabus. Upon graduating, you will gain local cert just like the one in USM Kubang Kerian. I'm not saying that Usm KK is not good but here in India, I assure you 100% that the environment is never the same with Malaysia.

The lecturers here are super-dedicated and are just like your mom and dad. They work super efficiently with tremendous effort just to make you one of the best doctors in the future.

I may sound blabbering plus flattering but this is not joking man.. True story I tell you. This donkey may seem dumb(but he is...) but... bla bla bla.

The classes are 6 days a week(coz sometimes there's holiday) and we have dissection class for the 1st year students. We'll go out doing some community service and futhermore, we learn kannada and hindi(which will not come out in exams).

*Ragging is a crime... Thats the most important thing for me...

*Fountain in front of the campus.

* This is our beloved campus. That's prof Kamarudin's car...

P/s: He got himself a personal driver.. imagine that...

* Fountain just before reaching our hostel.

* Being here in Usm-Kle, they'll train you till you fell like an elite. No kidding man. I really make full use of my opportunity when studying here. We may have the communication barriers when we're out there doing some community placement but it sure is an adventurous one. Do refer to my friends' blog for further details or you might just ask here. You see, this donkey is not that good in blogging coz he is new.. lol..

It is really superb to study USM's syllabus here that you will never regret it.

apply here.


  1. yon, apa ko pegang tu... kepala urang ka tu

    1. bukan.. sa pegang paru2 ba tu.. kepala ada d sebelah..

    2. kepala anjing ka sebela tu... mcm paru2 smokers ja ni, atau sda kena awet....

    3. Paru2 betul.. yang sudah kena awet.. kepala cadaver tu sebelah sa manada kpala anjing.. kalau paru2 smokers, lagi teruk dari yg ini..

  2. oyakah.. yg disebelah macam muka kucing saja boss