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Friday, June 29, 2012

USM-KLE Interview (Tips)

Well, rumor said that the interview for Usm-Kle is coming up soon. So to all of you that are really enthusiastic about coming here, good luck.
Tell you the truth, I was really nervous when i went for this interview July last year. Who wouldn't right? Imagine me traveling alone for the first time and had no idea how to behave in the interview. Luckily I read some of the senior's blog that gives some tips and what to and not to do.

I still remember reading this blog called "blog pisang" that tells her opinion and suggestion about interview for usm-kle. 

Well, let me continue the tradition ei? 

On going for the interview, you might have to do some homework on the history of usm-kle. The FAQ is
1. Tell me what you know about USM-KLE.
2. Why do you wanna be a Doctor?
3. Why choose USM-KLE?
4. If you were given a choice to study in India and USM Kubang Kerian, where would you prefer?
5. Tell me about yourself.
6. What kind of doctor you wanna be?

For your info guys, if you have low confidence for this interview just because your past achievement is not the perfect score, fear not! Because I myself scored less for my matriculation exam.

We judge none by looking at his past experience. We shouldn't! 
 I went to kelantan and stayed in Prima Inn two days before my interview. It was in front of Mydin. To be honest, I made a sincere answer to all the question above and memorize them for my confidence.. haha.

By the way, Prof KJ is has returned to our beloved 'tanah air' to be one of your interviewers. Be bald my future friends. For it was God that made our path and we surely are the one walking on it. Of course He was guiding us all along.

PRO Exam is coming! Wish us Luck!


  1. and yeah, don't forget, they will give you a "If you are in this situation, what will you do?" question.

    1. May I know if this program is under IPTA? And is there any scholarship available for non-malays?

    2. This is USM's offshore program. Graduates of this course are awarded with MD USM which is of local university. Regarding the scholarship, for now there is none. You will have to find your own scholarship. But things may or may not change once this program attain its accreditation.