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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Dont give up dear sister!

As I sat on my study table that evening, mom called me and told me about my sister's interview.
Yes it was about emilia-the youngest among 3 of us. She has this dream you see-to be an air stewardess.
She is a very high spirited person(all of us are), though she is not very good academically, but she is a person who works really hard and i think the kindest of us all. 

After finishing her form 5 in a vocasional school(learning bout IT), she voiced out her desire to become what she always wanted, to be an air stewardess. I dont know why, but she seems to prefer Malaysia Airlines. 

Mom said she needed to further till Pre-university or atleast get a diploma. Yet she refused. She said she rather work than going for another year with books.

She loves being beautiful, she likes to groom. While my twin(Emily) is with her books and the television, me with my computer games, Emilia will go and play with my mom's makeup. She gets scolded all the time when my mom noticed that her make up is finishing too fast.

Since the age of 11, she used to participate in beauty pageant during Harvest Festival at my village. She used to get prizes for her beauty, but not brains(lol). Hope she is not upset reading this. hehehe.

Her climax was in the year 2013, before she went to KL, she decided to participate in District's Beauty Pageant. Mom was not confident you know.. seeing the other contestants. All were tall and really beautiful. You know... the skinny legs and body shaped like violin.. 

Emilia was like "I believe that I am beautiful, mom. I have your looks and I promised I will that this is my last participation. No more after this." 
Mom was stunned. Emilia did organized her sentence really well. 

However, she didnt make it to finals. She was just too short compared to the others. lol.

After that, she tried in a walk-in interview in Promenade Hotel in Kota Kinabalu for Malaysia Airlines. Suprisingly, she got to the final stage. She passed all 6 stages and finally made it to the final one. She was really suitable and they would have hired her if not for one reason alone... She was still under aged. She was like persuading those people telling them that her birthday was just within that week, yet she was rejected.
I know she had that potential. 

Hence I googled out a private academy that trains people and opening chances for them to their airline dream. Since this is what she wanted, she gladly accept the plan. Then she was sent to KL for that academy. She went through various interview while she was there but still she was with no luck. 

She took part-time job to cover up expenses and I am really amazed with her being so independent. She finally graduated after 6 months of training. 

Today she went for a walk-in interview again with MAS. This time it was in Kelana Jaya(if im not mistaken). She was really excited and nervous at that time. The details were...

600 candidate, only few will be selected. 9am till 6pm.

I was like "What??!!"
She made it to the final stage, again, this time she was prepared.

Sadly, she didnt get the place.

"They checked my grooming for three times and asked a lot of questions. I couldn't help but to think that they are trying really hard to find my mistake"

"I was not chosen because, I had small pimple behind my back."
That is what she told me. She came home tired, a bit sad. 

All I can tell her is that, "You will get your prize next time. Be motivated, there is always next time."

 Don't get demotivated my sister, I will see you serving customer on a plane sometime soon.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! #manipal

*Jingle bell x2, Jingle all the way~*

Hi there peeps! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2014!

How have you guys been? Gone anywhere for holiday? Both Christmas and new year for me here was great! Surprises from everywhere! greetings from people I have never expected.

This is my 3rd year spending Christmas here in Belgaum. I can say that it gets merrier year by year. I thought of spending it with simple dinner with my roommate but ended up dinner with our "Fellowship".

We had Domino's and Rickkye's banoffee pie for dinner. We had it in the PBL room. Sadly, Frans, Bee and Orissa could not make it.

It had been years since I last decorated any Christmas tree. When Santhana asked me to bring his tree and decorate it there, I was nervous and excited at the same time. You know, I am not very good in decorations, art and stuff. (>.<)

3 years ago, the fellowship consist of only 6 people. Now, it's 12!

The next morning, me and Santhana went to St. Anthony for morning mass. After the mass ended, Sr. Pacifica invited us for breakfast in the convent. How nice of you sister! Lots of love!

There were no alcohol or late night party for our Christmas which I personally prefer. Back at home, people used to take this opportunity to get totally drunk and forgetting what is the true meaning of Christmas.

My ultimate surprise was these cupcake. It was given to me by my friends. Though they are not celebrating it, they gave me this nevertheless. I was touched and truly grateful to be granted such a wonderful and kind friends. I must admit I almost shed a tear or two but certainly not in front of them.. Thanks you guys!



On the 28th, some of us from USMKLE went to Manipal University for annual Malaysian meet #LagendaManipal.

I have to say the ride was bumpy but this guy next to me slept like nothing happened. It was so cold that I was shivering even with my sweater on. 


As soon as we reached the hotel, we rushed to the counter only to find that it was crowded with our friends. It was 6 in the morning. Imagine that...
We were the last to register and the room for double occupancy was totally out. Shame, some of these people wont tolerate to share the rooms even with their friends. They planned to take 4 occupancy at 1st, instead, they took 2 of the double occupancy. Me and Rickkye ended up taking the most expensive room there was. No worries, the room was huge, the view was awesome, we suka and we puas hati with the charge. 

The bed was a bit hard and old feeling but who cares right?

Our next destination was Krisna Ghita Mahadwara, it is situated in Udupi. It is the centre of pilgrimage for Krishna devotee(if im not mistaken). Rickkye enjoyed this place a lot. Let me tell you something, this guy can't resist metal and antique looking cheap stuff. He will be like, "I wanna buy this la... But I also want this... Help me choose. Bhaiya, no discount? 5 rupee oso can..." Then I was like... 5 rupee you can only buy gula2 la wei...


Next up, St. Mary's Island in Malpe Beach.

Maple Beach- Tons of people, rubbish as far as the eye can see, rough waves and not much to enjoy here. We took a boat which cost rs150 per person to St. Mary's Island. No idea of how the name originated but the view of sunset(though the island was full of trash and rubbish) was awesome. How i wish the visitors were more civilised to keep the island return to its former beauty.

Me and my friends. Some of them are single and available with great packages and some are taken. Interested party please pm me. Hahahaha

*COME FORTH SPAWNS OF THE SEA!!(imagine huge waves came from my back after that.)

I always imagined myself waterbending  here... How i wished the lion turtle would grant me that..

The view from our hotel.

My friends participated in some games. Well, *menang kalah adat pertandingan*. I am pretty sure they enjoyed their time(like we did). hahaa


There are reasons for our visit here,
1st: Rickkye wanna meet his exclassmate Rachel and Yash(Chaifong's cousin)
2nd: Malaysian Food!!!

We had our lunch at Asian Delight and subsequently went to have frozen yogurt for dessert. Yet, this is nothing compared to our dinner.

This is by far our most memorable time in Manipal because in Thailin, people like me and rickkye can finally relieve ourselves with our favourite food.


Oh my sasau... How I missed you so dearly... without you I have moonless night and starless twilight. A day is like a thousand years without you. I love you, sasau...

pardon me...

Koupusan ku kangkung, ikau noh kalangadan. tadau om tuong iti ko kasari pomusarahan ku.
(comment if you wanna know the meaning.) hehehe

Thanks guys. You made me end the passing year and start the new year with a very strong, motivating and wonderful experiences. Forget us not!


Friday, December 20, 2013

Because it is in your nature.

While I was scrolling down my wall in facebook with pretty much nothing to do, I stumbled upon a very catchy statement someone made in #UsmConfession. Here I gave you the snapshot.

If this is your question laddie, then I am the first person to say "No". It is not usual and I think I know why do you treat your family like that.

I suspect that you are probably a child ignored by his parents. You know, the one who is a victim of busy parents with no time attending to your emotional and loving need. They worked their ass out for more money to pay for your tuition bills and almost everything to make you an educated person.

Your parents might be the person that will shout and yell if you did not focus well in your studies. They must have felt that if you do not reach their expectation. All the money spent on you, yet you go to school not knowing the importance of it.

You may want those PlayStation1,2,3(or whatever,) but only knew that they wont give you unless you scored very2 well in your exams. 

Maybe sometimes you just need 'time-out' from the busy life of yours and go have fun with your friends. 

See... "Fun" is what you get when spending time with your friends. "Fun" gives "Good Feeling". This is the sole reason why you prefer to be with your friends. 

And if you wanna be with them, you will need to treat them really nicely. Unlike your parents, they are "obliged" to care for you, to tend to your study needs.

All they gave to you, the sweat they poured out for you is nothing but an obligatory, a must. "kewajipan" as people may call it. You may say;

"My parents didnt do that coz they love me, they do it coz they have to. If not, they'll get ashamed. All their relatives will look down on them. That is why they have to see that I must succeed."

And boy you say that with an awful and evil smile on your rotting face.

The small evil side of me wish to see you being thrown into the drain right after you were born and see if you could -by yourself- crawl and grow and finally enter USM.

But, the good and wise(I think) side of me wishes that one day, you will find out that nobody is more important than your family. I hope that you will realise it before its too late. 

You will know it sooner or later when you have underlings of your own...hahaha

Remember, my friend, that nature of a person can be taught and changed with the course of time. Lets hope yours is sooner.


Maybe you were raised like shit and nobody just cares about you. Now is the time for your revenge. lol

Sunday, December 1, 2013

My 1st comic strip.-Making Mistakes

I liked reading theOatMeal's comic. it looked simple yet powerful.
So I wanted to taste the feeling of producing my own. Still in baby steps, yet really took my time.


Friday, May 17, 2013


Oh my, what a dusty blog I have. All those spiderwebs are beginning to fill it up!

Well don't you worry my friends, I'll get in touch as soon as our test is over tomorrow. :)

Actually, lots of things happened since my last update, I don't know wether I can still recall each one of those interesting events.

well, there's that visit from the cardiologist from USMKK, 'Big-Big' people from USM induk with the director and dean from USMKK, The croods, Ironman 3, Theater and musical performance by USMKLE students bla bla...

Studying here is no doubt a very much interesting experience and hopefully a memorable one. Yet, I can't help but to notice some hiccups here and there. 

People here have the mindset that when you are still studying, you should take some of your time to go and enjoy traveling, see all walks of life, meet new people, visit places near your area so that you won't have the regrets in the future. Then, almost everyone had this idea that we need to travel a lot so that we won't regret in the future. Yes, indirectly to some people, we chose to come here because the pocket money is more, we can travel, we can shop, we can do everything right? 

Like what a person so dear to us said, we tell others that there are lots of diseases can be found in India,  but when it came to the proper subject, we take less effort to study them, we refuse to do seminars, we refuse to take part in PBL, we don't want learning issues, and the worst part is, we don't give our best in presenting our learning issues, we take light of it, we did it the 'ala kadar' way.

I admit I once used my Galaxy note to present my learning issues. However, since the day the lecturers told us not to take anything from the internet, I took it as a challenge, I totally depend on books. I tried my best not to take even a glimpse on the internet. 

The thing is, when you rely 100% from the books and books alone, you need more time to read, analyse and rewrite the whole thing. The 'copy and paste' part takes longer time. That is when you will have to experience the 'sleepless' night. Only then YOU can say that medical students ALSO will have to sacrifice their sleep for studying. Mind you, my sister also stays up all night to study. What course you say? Not medicine, but FORESTRY. If I say she should take your place in studying medicine, what is your reaction? Will you say that you got better results last time? She won't be as good as you are now? 

What I say, give her the chance to take up your place. Lets see what will turn out. ha ha ha.

What I meant to say is, when you do your studying the 'ala kadar' way, don't expect others to believe you when you said you'll treat your patients the 'best' way. Get it?

Honestly, I am once(or still) a person who criticize a lot on what people do. Then what happened? Someone told me that I am not fit to judge others let alone criticize them. I agreed, hence I became silenced. I only gossip(lol) with my very best friends. 

I really salute one of my friends, she said to us "Never take a topic/learning issue when you cannot guarantee that you will be present on the next session".

Yes, one of the instructions about PBL is that "any student absent for a session without any valid reason can be BARRED from taking the exam". 

Does this have any impact on anyone? Nope.

Y the because? Lol, because no one is ever barred from the exam before, thats why.
Permission to use broken language.
Permission Granted

Some of the students here even pandai2 already to judge which class is important and which one is not.
Seminar? not important.
Lectures? some are not important.
PBL? somewhat can suka2 absent.
Clinical? dunno.
Kannada class? Absolutely useless, even the person who kept attending those class is still not good at conversing the language. This class can totally go to the drain. lol.

Yes, this I have to tell, I have to admit that the hostel is not safe, so we should be given chance to move out and rent places outside the campus. What are the advantages of staying outside you ask?
1. Cheaper lorh...
2. Can mix with the locals to learn their culture and language the better way mah...very2 useful in clinical time.
3. Outside is very safe, no possibilities of Iron bars to fall on your head and stuck on your brain, No possibilities of being abducted on your way back, India's rape incidence is very low, if got pun, very far place from here, No possibilities of your house being entered by robbers. etc..
4.The distance to hospital from my house is near only.
5. Can buy bikes or even cars(really?). In hostel it is forbidden to buy(is it?).
6. Aiyo, in this hostel got flasher some more. Very dangerous if they suddenly enter your room..
7. If shopping online(wow!), the parcel can be sent to my friend staying in hostel, later I go ambik lorh..

Ask any of the students here, I bet 99.99% agree on these points. Lol.

thats all for now. bubye!

Somewhere in Kelantan

"Even if the crab can't walk straight, it still has the right to teach you how. Because no living creature is perfect. It can judge, it has no shame"

"To correct the mistake of others is our duty. But no one can judge our mistake, because no one is perfect in this world"

nice quotes rite? lol.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

my very 1st guitar cover.

I have always envied those who can play guitar very well. I want to become like my uncle who can play all the melodies plus chord by just hearing the song. He can even sing. I still have a long way to go though, so this is my very 1st cover of 'In Manus Tuas Pater'. :)

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Selanjar 1 holi holiday to Kelantan.#1

Yes, Continuous Assessment 1 is finally over and now its time to forget all those miseries and its up to God to decide whether to give our examiners the peace while correcting our papers. Now, gloomy rains aside and give way to the rainbow of joy!

As to my previous- previous post, this is not my first time to kelantan.

People were like "What the tut!! You're not going back to Sabah? Why?"



1. Mommy said no need to come back to Sabah if my holiday is just 1 week. I'll do nothing but disturbing her schedule. Instead, send some Himalaya's skincare products for her and my sisters.
2. Yes flight is a bit costly ya..
3. My siblings are not in holiday.
4. I have a mission.
5. Wanna meet my frens in USMKK.
6. I just provide myself with flight tickets to and fro, the rest of it(makan, accomodation, transport...) are "kao tim"ed by my roomate rickkye.

The journey was planned since last Oct(I guess) but somehow rickkye decided to not continue because exam was just around the corner and we were not aware of the holiday after exam. So I was like... Tiapa lah...

Then tadaaa! A week holiday is actually there after exam. Then he started to plan for a surprise.

It was a horrible wait for him, poor kid. Having to skype and just watch everyone gathered around the table and preparing for the most importante night of all Chinese Calendar. He was here, miles and miles away from home.
You know what? He saw one empty chair and a bowl of rice right in front of the camera. He was like,

Mami, Dadi, Is that rice for me?

for some period of time no one answered...

then, suddenly his QQ(uncle) came and sat then started eating..
Ahahahahahaha. He thought it was his..

 He was not skyping alone though. I was there too.. But what to do? Just swallow your saliva lah! hahahaha.

We have a battle in two weeks time, I am very sure its not going to be easy.

Then came selanjar, and we went through it. end of story.(don't wanna talk much bout that selanjar)

After the last paper, yahoo! The most awaited time ever, play the song let me go home by M.buble and start packing..

Yes. My whole luggage is this..

We traveled to bangalore by bus. Then ultimately reached the airport at 7 am.

Chai Rong Yau.. India runs on you. lol!

We had an incident with the toilet outside the building. We saw the fee as rs100. Crazy! Bloodsuckers! I'd rather hold my urge to pee than go to your stinking toilet for 100 rupee! I was so furious and stupid. Stupid in the sense that I didn't clarify the fee. I mean, 100 rupee is like RM7.

Rickkye really needed to let it out.. He can't hold it anymore. He just paid rs100 and the fool on the counter just sit there not returning the change... Rickkye was like "Oh, it really is 100"...

I posted my anger on Fb and luckily my fren told me that the fee is rs1. We didn't notice the extra small dot after the number 1. I told rickkye about this and eventually some professor from engineering school helped him with the translation and a police, altogether got his rs99 back.. what a day..

Thats all for now, next up:

Problem with FRO? Taxi problem? Accident? Flood in kelantan? Indian Taxi driver cheated us?